The Book Report Network



Do you sell books?
No. The Book Report, Inc. is a media company comprised of a growing number of websites that provide original book content—author interviews, reviews and commentary—along with interactive elements such as polls, questions and contests. TBRN also owns and operates Authors On The Web, which offers website design services and website hosting to authors and publishers.

How do you vet titles for reviews and features?
The TBRN staff carefully vets all material before reviewing, promoting or advertising a title.

Do you review, advertise or promote self-published or print-on-demand titles?
On a select basis we review self-published titles. They must be available with wide distribution offline as well as online. Typically these books come to us with recommendations for us to look at them. Sadly our staff schedule is such that we cannot consider blind submissions.

Can you help me get my book published?
No. If you would like assistance in having your book published, we suggest resources such as

How can I become a reviewer for your sites?
If you are interested in reviewing for,,, or here is the link to what you need to know: Click Here.

I am an author, publisher or publicity agent, and I would like my book to be reviewed on your sites. What do I do?
We have details on what kinds of books we are looking for and where to send them here:


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