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A Letter from Carol Fitzgerald

What do we do here at The Book Report Network? For a start, since 1996 we have been connecting readers with books and authors. The current buzzwords like “discoverability” and “curation” are what have been our mantra since our first site launched.

Our six editorial websites are organized in two ways—by demographic and then by interest.,, and share content with readers by demographic. Special interest sites and reach readers who have interests in specific content. With our new content management system we are seamlessly sharing content cross-sites allowing us to “shelve” books so they are presented to whatever audience is

Over the years, our unique vantage point has allowed us not only to shape the ways books are reviewed and discussed on the Internet, but also to work with publishers to utilize the web to reach readers and promote their books. Drawing on this expertise, our Authors On the Web division provides Website Design and Development Services services for authors, publishers and publishing professionals. We’ve built more than 225 websites; more than 100 of which we continue to maintain.

TBRN also conducts research projects with Early Look Focus Groups and Targeted Reader Surveys—an opportunity to get feedback directly from readers.

We always welcome new readers and invite you to explore our websites. If you are an author or publisher who would like to work with us on a sponsorship, advertising, website design project, we’re just an email or phone call away.

Happy reading,